You never know what will happen in the private sector – and what consequences your decisions may have for the future. That is of course part of the excitement. Some years ago we went to a bookfair in Berlin – EXPOLINGUA which is Germany’s International Exhibition on Languages and Cultures. Well, it turned out to be more about study trips etc. but one contact was the well-known bookstore in Berlin, Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus in Friedrichstrasse.
We had a great time at the Bogmessen in Bella Centret last month – and equally so in Frankfurt! Especially the Germans know how important it is to speak good  English. As for our Danish materials it is always a pleasure to guide someone to buy the right book for their study – and the more we work and meet people, the more material we discover: materials for dyslexic people from Alfabeta, crosswords making proverbs
Jeg har længe arbejdet på at få arrangeret nogle fyraftensmøder i vores boghandel – og nu er første møde planlagt! Jeg glæder mig til at byde velkommen til Fanny Slotorub og Neel Jersild Moreiras oplæg om deres idéer bag deres materialer til Dansk som andetsprog. Meld jer til på nedenstående mail eller mobil. Invitation! Fyraftensmøde om effektiv indlæring af sprog for voksne ved Fanny Slotorub og Neel Jersild Moreira som er ophavskvinderne til Puls- og

7. september 2018


Today I went down to Haderslev Sprogcenter to tell them about the relatively new things we have done to help students learning Danish. I told them that since we got our new website I can follow how many visitors we have – and what they look for – and that my expectations had been dampened by the fact that almost nobody had looked at the recordings of the texts we have made – nor the
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Right now I listen to many discussions of how to advertise. The modern way in the social media or the old-fashioned way in papers – local or national. For our company there is no doubt: advertisements are expensive, and we get little or no response. We are a small company – not a brand – and have to rely on people talking well about us. With the social media all you spend is your time.
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