Honestly, I am one of the worst to use irony – so much so that even my nearest family sometimes don’t know if I am serious or ironic. It is fun  – for me – but admitted, probably a sense of humour that may be hard to appreciate if you are not used to it. I wonder if you have met this kind of humour? Funnily enough, I may also be surprised when I meet people  – or texts – that say the opposite of what they mean. I remember once reading an interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling which starts out with the words “Der var så dejligt ude på landet”. You immediately get a picture of a landscape from Funen ( I am from Funen) with a lot of small green hills, winding roads and small cottages – perfect idyl.  However, we all know what the story is about, and of course it makes sense that this must be irony. Oh dear!

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