In this extraordinary summer I find it hard to work when the temperature is more than 25 degrees Celsius – let alone 30+. However, it does not take too much effort to look at the contributions from LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram – and a couple of days ago I heard of a radio programme I did not know of: Radio Rødgrød on P4. It was @TinaBacher who talked about this programme having small talk about Danes. I had to listen to one of the programmes, of course, and chose the latest from June 27th. The first thing I heard was the singer Maître Gims singing Est-ce que tu m’aimes? and was immediately sent back to my days as a teacher of French where I used to play ‘des chansons françaises’‘ and make the students sing along. This one would be a good one – and the bonus information today will be the link to the lyrics from the internet:  You will of course have to make the glossary yourself, but I can strongly recommend it: five – ten minutes at the end of a lesson is a good way to stop. This of course goes both ways – so listen to Danish songs and sing along as much as you can – it’s fun and you learn! Quite simple, really.