You never know what will happen in the private sector – and what consequences your decisions may have for the future. That is of course part of the excitement.

Some years ago we went to a bookfair in Berlin – EXPOLINGUA which is Germany’s International Exhibition on Languages and Cultures. Well, it turned out to be more about study trips etc. but one contact was the well-known bookstore in Berlin, Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus in Friedrichstrasse. We had a chat with the man in charge of foreign languages, who told us that it would be a good idea to group our 11 booklets in one! So we invested in a kind of cardboard box to hold them all, created ISBN numbers (we have for both German and English speaking people), but alas, our contact was no longer with Dussmann when we were ready with our new product…..

This was of course end of story for a long time, but when we opened our bookstore in Copenhagen and began working with Alfabeta, the publishing firm for learning Danish at all levels, we got the idea that we could sell these boxes via DBK, and lo and behold our 11 booklets have been shipped to DBK in the hope that other bookstores will be interested….. those cardboard boxes have now come to good use and saved us a lot of work.