Which season is the reading season? Well, for many of us it is all year round, but I admit that autumn and winter and indoor activities go well together. So no, I did not go to Louisiana Literature this year – because having a bookshop means even more reading, and I valued reading books instead of seeing/listening to the authors. At least this year. So what have I been reading or listening to this summer? Christina Leonora Skov: Den der lever stille, Knud Romer: Kort over Paradis, Shaun Bythell: The Diary of a Bookseller, Mathilde Walter Clark: Lone Star, Jonathan Stroud: The Screaming Staircase (if you have read Harry Potter and want something similar and yet different); listened to a reading of Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon (will it be suitable for (good) beginners of English?) and then I have started on Hanya Yanagihara: Et lille liv. And I enjoyed them all! Besides that, I knit a lot and am on the social media: Instagram and LinkedIn where I discovered Kay Xander Mellish. She writes books about How To Live In Denmark and How To Work In Denmark, gives lectures on cultural differences – so these books are on my near-future to-do list. I always say that if you go somewhere bring a book, a knitting and some music.