Glossary for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Le petit Prince 978-87-87764-91-9

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Le petit Prince forside

Our motto is: books should be read in the original language. Le petit Prince belongs to one of the most loved stories and so we have made a glossary with so many words to each page that you can begin to read it if you have a fundamental French vocabulary.
The second part of the glossary contains an alphabetical list – words that occur more than once.
For an English-speaking person many French words are almost free – and to make you more aware of this (and maybe help you look through some of the obstacles) we have printed the words in question in italics. For instance imaginer: imagine; danger: danger; couleur: coulour; magnifique: magnificient. Generally speaking the French words will be more formal than the English ones and sometimes also some slight differences in spelling will occur.

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