Gloser til J.K.Rowling: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (1) 978-87-87764-32-2

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Harry Potter-bøgerne er blevet en klassiker inden for børnebøger og ud over at de er spændende læsning er de velegnede til engelskundervisning: Målgruppen er 12-15 årige Potter-fans der har lyst til at læse en roman for første gang. Vi anbefaler altid at starte med bind 1, så man får alle detaljer med fra bunden. Hvert kapitel er i stort omfang gloseret som en helhed, således at det er muligt at læse romanen i uddrag. Der er mange muligheder for at arbejde med Potter-bøgerne: de er alle filmatiserede, der er mange eksempler på undervisningsmaterialer  på nettet og ikke mindst J.K.Rowlings website:

Steen Brastrup i Folkeskolen 17. maj 2001: Harry Potter er en populær fyr i den engelsksprogede verden, men også her i Danmark. Christa Pålsson har grundigt gloseret originaludgaverne af Harry Potter-bøgerne. Der er forklaring på så mange ord, at man med et engelsk basisordforråd og hæfterne ved sin side kan læse romanerne på engelsk. Desuden er der forklaring af forfatterens mange hjemmelavede ord. Begge glosehæfter er yderst simple i layout og opbygning, men de opfylder deres formål som glosarium til Harry Potter-bøgerne. Gloseringen er sket kapitel for kapitel, så det også er muligt at bruge romanerne i uddrag. Harry Potter-romanerne kan læses af elever fra 8. klasse, og disse glosehæfter vil være en stor hjælp.

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The following exercises are meant as a help to the teacher. I am aware that the book can be read at different levels – even in each class, so pick out whatever seems relevant for you and your class and your methods of teaching.



Find 10 keywords from chapter 1 in the glossary that may help you remember the plot.

Parts of speech:

Find 10 verbs in chapter 1 in the glossary. Conjugate them in the present tense, the past tense and the perfect tense.

Find 10 adjectives in chapter 1 in the glossary and change them into adverbs.

Find 10 nouns in chapter 1 in the glossary and put them in the plural.

Find the explanation of the name of Voldemort in the glossary. Does it fit in with how you picture him? How is it pronounced?

What is the difference between ‘privit’ and ‘private’?

Use as many words as possible from the glossary to make a presentation of the main characters of the book:  Mr and Mrs Dursley, Dudley, Harry, Albus Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid.

You are an estate agent. Try to describe the Dursleys’ house in an advertisement.

Questions to the text:

Give examples of suspense on pages 1 and 2

Characterize the Dursleys (looks, interests, habits, age, etc.)

Characterize Dudley (age, behavior)

Describe the cat sitting in front of 4, Privet Drive

What happened to Harry’s family?

What will happen to Harry now?

How do we first get to know that something has happened in the wizarding world?

Why is Voldemort called You-Know-Who?

Translation /Summary:

I første kapitel møder vi familien Dursley (the Dursleys). Vernon Dursley er forretningsmand (a businessman) og han bor på Privit Drive nr. 4 (4, Privit Drive) med sin kone Petunia og deres lille søn Dudley. Samtidig hører vi at Harry Potters forældre (Harry Potter’s parents) er blevet dræbt af Voldemort og at Harry overlevede. Voldemorts magt blev ødelagt ved den lejlighed på grund af Harrys mors beskyttende (protective) kærlighed – og hele trolddomsverdenen (wizarding world) fejrer (celebrates) dette. Dumbledore, rektor/skoleinspektør på Hogwarts, mener det er bedst at Harry vokser op hos sin onkel og tante (uncle and aunt) og fætter (cousin) Dudley.

Try to tell the story in your own words.



Try to pronounce “Hello, how are you?” to Dudley (you do not like him), to Mr. Dursley (an adult); to Harry (you like him a lot);

Find as many negative words in chapter 2 in the glossary as possible. Make up your own story with these words.

Find as many positive words as possible in chapter 2 in the glossary. Make up your own story with these words.

You are a sales assistant in a toy store. Your next customer is Mrs Dursley. Write a scene (spoken language) between the  sales assistant and Mrs Dursley.

Questions to the text:

10 years have passed. Why do you think 10 years have passed between chapters 1 and 2?

What is life like for Dudley and for Harry now?

What is a punch-bag?

Why do you think Dudley gets so many presents for his birthday? Truly, that is not realistic – then why?

Find all the negative things about Dudley and his parents as you can.

Do you know someone like that or is there a reason for this characterization?

Why has Mr. Dursley a “large purple face”?

Give a summary of Dudley’s birthday in your own words.

Characterize the relationship between Dudley and his friend Piers?

Translation / Summary (using the words in the glossary):

I kapitel 2 møder vi familien Dursley på Dudleys fødselsdag. Solen skinner, der er lørdag og familien skal i zoologisk have. Denne gang er de nødt til at tage Harry med fordi ingen kan passe ham, og han må ikke være alene hjemme. I zoologisk have møder Harry en brasiliansk boa-slange , som han begynder at tale med og som sædvanlig går det galt: Harry får glasruden til at forsvinde og slangen slipper fri . Næste stop: husarrest.



The education system in the UK is divided into four main parts, primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. Children in the UK have to legally attend primary and secondary education which runs from about 5 years old until the student is 16 years old.

Feel free to look at the charts in the link below:

Compare what you know about the schoolsystem in Harry Potter – 11 years – secondary school – the difference between comprehensive schools and public schools (watch out!!). How long do you have to go to school in Denmark and how old are you when you begin and end going to a state school in Denmark?

“Still, you weren’t eleven every day”. – why is that birthday so significant/important?

Write a letter to your grandmother from a summer holiday with the Dursleys. Use as many words from the glossary as possible. Choose one of the scenes and write from your point of view.

Questions to the text:

Find the pronunciation of the name of Piers.

Try to list some of the advantages /disadvantages of comprehensive schools and public schools.

Why was there no stamp on the letter to Harry?

Play the scene from ˜Hurry up, boy! Shouted Uncle Vernon …. stamp out that dangerous nonsense? (In my book top of page 37 or 3 pages into the chapter).

Why do you think Dudley has two rooms and Harry lives under the cupboard? Surely, that is not very true to life?¦.

Describe Dudley’s tantrum. Also not true to life? Can you give a literary reason why J.K.R. creates such scenes?

Find more scenes in this chapter that are so totally out of proportion.

Try to describe what a cliffhanger-ending is.

Translation /Summary:

Nu er sommerferien begyndt, men Harry tilbringer meget tid uden for huset  ellers bliver han drillet og slået af Dudley og hans venner. Pludselig en dag kommer der et brev adresseret til Harry, som onkel Vernon forhindrer ham i at læse. I de følgende dage kommer der flere breve og til sidst må familien flygte for at undgå dem. Natten før Harry fylder 11 år banker det pludselig på døren til deres gemmested på den øde ø.



Vocabulary: Find out the meaning of the words Albus Dumbledore, Merlin and Minerva

Find as many words connected with wizardry in the glossary in this chapter.

Explain the two meanings of ‘spell’.

.Questions to the text:

Describe Hagrid.

Describe Hogwarts – the other world

Why do you think Hagrid talks about the weather in his answer to Dumbledore?

How do we get introduced to the wizarding world in a logical and natural way?

What is a Head Boy or a Head Girl?

How did Harry get his scar? – and why is he famous?

What happened to Voldemort after failing to kill Harry?

What does Vernon Dursley call Dumbledore?

What is fantasy and what makes a fairy tale?  Consider this statement below and give examples of the different genres to support your view:

This is not an either-or question. It’s like asking if something is a square or a rectangle; it could be both. Fairy tales refer to a specific sub-genre of fantasy stories; generally it refers to fantasy stories that could also be considered folk tales, or are written in the style of, and in homage to, folk tales. Harry Potter, being written in the modern age by a single writer, and not in the style of folk tales, is not generally considered a fairy tale. It is both Urban fantasy and a School story.(The website Quora).

Translation / Summary:

Kæmpen Hagrid ankommer til hytten for at få Harry med til Hogwarts. Da Harry aldrig har hørt om hvordan hans forældre døde, får vi alt at vide om troldmandsverdenen sammen med Harry. Vi ser også hvor modige Vernon Dursley og Dudley er.


Interview Hagrid. Find keywords to the interview in the glossary (job at Hogwarts, looks, size, feelings about Harry and the three Dursleys, clothes, language, interests etc.).

Act out the scene on the island.



Pronounce the word ‘diagonal’ in English and Danish (or your mother tongue).

Find out about the British monetary system before 1971 (pounds, shillings, pence/ £, sh, d)  today:

Silver Sickles – Galleons – Knuts: compare them to pence, shillings and pounds in the old monetary system in England .

Questions to the text:

What are we – and Harry – told about the wizarding world (coins, banks, goblins, magic, Ministry of Magic, dragons, Quidditch)

What does Harry need in order to go to Hogwarts?

How do you think Harry feels in the Leaky Cauldron? Give examples.

How do they get into Diagon Alley?

What are the doors at Gringotts like?  Compare them to Fyrtøjet by Hans Christian Andersen.

Do you know the difference between stalacmites and stalactites? Why does Hagrid answer the way he does?

How do you feel about Harry being rich and not poor?

What is your impression of Malfoy? Make a list of what he likes and dislikes.

Describe Quidditch.

Translation / Summary:

I kapitel 5 skal Harry dels besøge Gringotts bank for at hente sine penge så han kan købe tøj og bøger til skolen. Derefter går Hagrid og Harry gennem The Leaky Cauldron til Diagon Alley hvor han møder Malfoy. Harry synes, han minder ham om Dudley.



Pronounce the words with a phonetic transcription in the glossary.

Find names that are explained in the glossary. How do these names characterize their owner. Do you think it is a good idea? Give reasons. To what extent may this be due to Harry Potter being a fairy tale? Try to find examples from fairy tales.

Describe a situation where you have been in a difficult situation like the one Harry experiences on the platform.

Questions to the text:

Describe how Harry is stranded at Charing Cross station.

Describe the Weasleys.

How do Harry and Ron become friends?

What do we get to know about Dumbledore?

Describe Hermione?

How good is J.K.R at making us dislike Malfoy? Give examples.

What is Harry’s first impression of Hogwarts?

Translation / Summary:

Toget til Hogwarts afgår kl 11 fra perron 9 ¾, men da Harry kommer kan han ikke finde perronen. Familien Dursley hjælper ham ikke men fru Weasley redder ham, da hun ser hans forvirring. På toget møder han Ron, Hermione, Draco Malfoy og Neville og starten på venskabet mellem Harry og Ron begynder.


Malfoy in the hot chair: ask him about his view on Muggles, Voldemort, Hogwarts, Dumbledore, the Weasleys

Which fairy tale element do you think is the most important in this chapter: Who: (main character / the protagonist); What: (theme / conflict); Where: (place)?

Act out the scene where Malfoy enters Harry and Ron’s compartment (in my book pages 115 – 117).



What is your favourite dish?

Write the recipe in English.

Questions to the text:

What is ‘a house’ at Hogwarts?

What do ‘houses’ do?

Do you remember your first day at school? Try to describe it. How much did it resemble that of Harry’s?

Describe the Great Hall.

What is the morale in the 1st two lines in the poem?

Find the rhyme scheme in the poem.

Divide the poem into sections – how many lines/verses to each section?

What does it say in each section?

Who is speaking?

How are the four houses different? – what characterizes the four houses?

Where would you like to be? Why?

Why do you think Dumbledore’s speech is so short and odd?

Describe the cliff-hanger ending.

Translation / Summary:

Hogwarts er opdelt i huse ligesom I engelske public schools. Harry er fuldstændig imponeret og overvældet, men også nervøs: Hvordan udvælger the Sorting Hat eleverne- og foran hele skolen! Harry har heller aldrig set så meget mad på én gang i sit liv. Heldigvis kommer han og Ron i samme hus: Griffindor.


It does probably not come as a surprise that Hogwarts is very much based on the English public school system such as it is seen at for example Eton. Have a look at their website and choose for yourself which aspect of their boarding school life you would like to compare to that of Hogwarts:



What do your parents decide – and what do you decide – in your everyday life: time to go to bed, hobbies, friends, money, etc.?

Questions to the text:

Why do Ron and Harry get on the wrong side of Argus Filch on their first day at Hogwarts?

Why is Argus Filch’s name funny?

What subjects do they have at Hogwarts?

Give examples of how Snape treats Harry.

What is Hagrid’s dog called – and what does it mean?

What happened at Gringotts after Hagrid and Harry’s visit?

When is Harry’s birthday?

Why do you think the box at Gringotts has got the number 713?

Translation / Summary:

Da Harry begynder på Hogwarts får han mange nye fag og nye lærere. Han og Ron farer vild på de mange gange og trapper og bliver stoppet af viceværten Argus Filch, som skælder dem ud. Fredag eftermiddag er Harry inviteret til te hos Hagrid og Harry opdager at nogen har forsøgt at plyndre Gringotts den samme dag som han og Hagrid besøgte den for at hente penge til Harry og noget i boks 713 til Hagrid og Dumbledore.


Describe your room.



Describe the game of Quidditch (work in pairs)

Questions to the text:

In what way do you think Draco Malfoy and Dudley are similar seen from Harry’s point of view?

Describe Neville’s first try with a broom at Quidditch.

Describe Harry’s first try with a broom.

Describe Professor McGonagall’s way of behaving towards Harry.

Describe what happens when they meet Wood.

What does Harry think will happen when he is to meet Wood?

Describe the boys’ relationship with Hermione.

In what way do Neville, Hermione, Ron and Harry end up outside the common room at midnight?

What is Hermione’s idea about Malfoy’s suggesting they meet in the trophy room?

Alohomora – what does that mean?

Where did they end after entering the locked door?

What does Hermione discover about the dog?

Translation / Summary:

Harry har det godt på Hogwarts. Han er nervøs da han skal lære at flyve, men det viser sig at han er den fødte Seeker. Han kommer op at skændes med Malfoy, som udfordrer ham til en duel ved midnat.  Det viser sig at han har fortalt Filch at Harry vil være der – men under flugten fra Filch og Mrs Norris opdager de en kæmpe hund, som bevogter en skat på den hemmelige gang.


What would you like to be good at?



Group 1: Find 10 verbs in chapter 10 in the glossary and change them into nouns, for instance resist – resistance; Group 2: find 10 adjectives in chapter 10 in the glossary and change them into nouns,  for instance envious – envy

Questions to the text:

When is Hallowe’en?

(How) do you celebrate it?

What is the relationship between Ron, Harry, Hermione and Neville right now?

Harry and Ron want a way of getting back at Malfoy. How do they succeed?

Describe the game of Quidditch. What Muggle games does it resemble?

What position would you like to play in Quidditch?

What would you have done if you had made Hermione cry like she does after the lesson in Professor Flitwick’s class?

Why do you think Hermione cries

Describe the troll.

How do they beat the troll?

Why do Harry and Ron change their minds about Hermione?

Comment on the last four lines in chapter 10. Have you got an example of you making friends with someone?

Translation / Summary:

Harry får en uventet gave fra skolen: en Nimbus 2000. Wood fortæller ham spillets regler og Harry skal træne 3 gange om ugen. Han skal spille Seeker. Malfoy er årsagen til at Harry er kommet på Quidditch holdet, og han er misundelig og rasende.

Forholdet til Hermione er ikke godt fordi hun vil bestemme , og hun overhører at Ron siger, at ingen kan lide hende. Da en trold gemmer sig på pige-toilettet, redder Harry og Ron hende, men hun redder dem fra at blive straffet af professor McGonagall. Fra nu af er de tre rigtige venner.



Draw a quidditch pitch and the various balls, goals and players. Do the same for a rugby pitch etc.



From the glossary:

Find as many nouns you feel up to in the glossary and make them into adjectives e.g. fury = furious

Look up the word pitch. How many meanings are there?

Questions to the text:

Would you allow sby to copy your homework? Give reasons.

Do you play football, handball or something else? If yes, give examples of your excitement before a match.

Comment on the way the match is described. What does it resemble?

Translation / Summary:

Efter at Hermione har reddet Harry og Ron fra straf er de tre blevet gode venner. Harry er glad for at Hermione hjælper ham med lektierne og desuden er hun god til at finde på løsninger, når de har problemer. Til gengæld ( in return) er hun blevet mindre dominerende – og helt klart mere glad!


Interview one of your classmates about things you find important.



Pronounce the words in chapter 12 of the glossary with phonetic transcription. Make a small sentence with each word.

Questions to the text:

Why do you think Malfoy keeps bullying harry and Ron?

Describe Professor Snape’s behavior  – is it just? Give reasons.

(How) do you celebrate Christmas?

Describe Christmas at Hogwarts.

Describe your best Christmas present ever.

How important is it for Harry to get an invisibility cloak for Christmas?

Professor Dumbledore gives him a piece of advice – do you agree? Give reasons.

Translation / Summary:

Harrys liv er helt forandret sammenlignet med tiden på Privet Drive. Han har fejret Hallowe’en, han har spillet sin første Quidditch kamp (og vundet), og nu skal han fejre jul på Hogwarts. Den eneste slange i Paradis er Malfoy, som benytter enhver lejlighed til at drille Harry. Og professor Snape synes at holde med Malfoy. De tre venner prøver at finde ud af hvem Nicolas Flamel er. Men uden held. Julemorgen åbner Ron og Harry deres gaver, og Harry får en usynligheds kappe – men han ved ikke hvem det er fra. Harry har aldrig set så meget mad før og lærerne nyder også middagen. Om natten beslutter han at tage usynlighedskappen på og går ned i biblioteket i den afdeling som krævede tilladelse (the Restricted Section)! Harry bliver opdaget fordi en bog begynder at skrige, og da han løber væk ender han i et værelse med gamle skolemøbler og et stort gammelt spejl. Til sin forfærdelse opdager han at der er mange mennesker i spejlet – også selv om rummet er helt tomt bortset fra ham selv. Det er hans far og mor og hele hans familie, som på en eller anden måde ligner ham lidt. Næste aften tager han Ron med hen til spejlet – hvor Ron får en helt anden oplevelse af spejlet end Harry: han ser sig selv som Head Boy. Den tredje nat går Harry tilbage til spejlet men denne gang venter Dumbledore på ham. Dumbledore forklarer Harry hvordan spejlet fungerer, at det viser hvad man gerne vil se om sig selv. Han fortæller ham også at man ikke må fortabe sig i drømme og glemme at leve.


Try to solve some of these riddles:



Find 20 good words from chapter 13 in the glossary and make up your own story with these words.

Questions to the text:

Why is the next Quidditch match so important?

What is the problem about Snape refereeing the match?

What is Nicolas Flamel famous for? Could you link it to the title of the story – and from the book Hermione borrowed from the library.

If you are a sports fan – which is your favourite team? Describe how do you feel when they win or lose a match?

What makes Harry completely calm before the match?

The way Malfoy treats Ron and Neville at the match what do you think would be a proper punishment for him?

What is going on between Snape and Quirrell in the Forbidden Forest?

Why does Ron think it will be over next Tuesday?

Translation / Summary:

Den næste Quidditch kamp bliver meget vigtig for Gryffindor. Hvis de vinder over Hufflepuff bliver de skolens bedste hold. Problemet er bare, at Snape skal være dommer. Heldigvis fanger Harry the Snitch i løbet af 5 minutter og sejren er hjemme. Alle er glade og der bliver festet i Gryffindors fælles stue. Men et nyt problem er dukket op: Snape og Quirrell mødes i den forbudte skov. Hvad har de gang i?


One student is Harry Potter. The rest of the class are journalists who Interview him about the match.



Find the words that start with a capital letter in the glossary in chapter 14. What are their word classes?

Write the adjectives of other nationalities e.g. dansk, finsk og svensk

Translate: påske (Ostern), pinse (Pingsten), jul (Weihnachten), Kristi himmelfart (Christi Himmelfart) (and for Danes) Store Bededag (watch out!)

Questions to the text:

Why does Ron suddenly have kind feelings towards Quirrell?

What have the three friends found out about what Fluffy is hiding so far?

Who will help them find out the rest? – Why, do you think?

How is the Stone protected?

Revision for the exam – why do they feel so bad about that?

Why will Hagrid be in deep trouble soon?

What solution to the problem does Harry come up with?

Malfoy has borrowed a book from Ron – what is the big problem now?

After having sent Norbert off to Charlie in Romania what can go wrong?

Why is this kind of ending called a cliff hanger?

Translation / Summary:

Ron tror, at Quirrell er tvunget af Snape til at få fat på Stenen. Derfor er han meget venlig mod ham. De skal finde ud af på hvilken måde Stenen er beskyttet mod at blive stjålet, og det fortæller Hagrid dem. Hagrid har fået et drage æg som er lige ved at blive udruget. Hagrid vil gerne beholde den lille drage, men dels vokser den hurtigt og dels er det forbudt at holde drager fordi de er for mærkelige for Muggles. Harry og hans venner finder ud af at de kan sende dragen Norbert til Rumænien til Rons bror Charlie – og det skal ske lørdag nat ved midnat. Det eneste problem (tror de) er at Malfoy har fundet ud af tid og sted. Men så glemmer de usynlighedskappen!


Roleplay: Hagrid and a stranger meet at Hog’s Head and Hagrid is presented with a dragon egg.



Find the difference between wood and forest

Make a conversation in which the words just in case; I owe you one; I’ve had it are used

Questions to the text:

Describe the feelings of Harry, Hermione and Neville while waiting for professor McGonagall in her study.

Describe professor McGonagall’s behavior and the way she treats them. Compare her behavior to that of Snape when catching sby doing sth forbidden.

Why is it a disaster that McGonagall takes so many points from Gryffindor?

What effect does it have on Harry’s reputation?

If you see the situation from a teacher’s point of view, what good comes out of the situation?

What punishment do they get at detention?

What has happened in the Forbidden Forest lately?

Who are Ronan and Bane?

Describe what happens when Harry and Malfoy see the unicorn.

How is Harry saved?

What is unicorn blood used for?

How does Harry find out who the figure in the forest was?

Translation / Summary:

Professor McGonagall opdager Harry, Hermione og Neville kl. 1 om natten og giver dem 50 straffepoint (takes 50 points off Griffindor)  og en eftersidning. Det betyder at Gryffindor ligger på sidstepladsen, og alle hader Harry. Som eftersidning skal de tre og Malfoy hjælpe Hagrid med at finde ud af, hvorfor der er blod fra en unicorn i den forbudte skov. Det viser sig at være Voldemort, som drikker deres blod for at forlænge sit liv. Men prisen er høj: man får kun et halvt liv, et forbandet liv fra det øjeblik blodet rører ens læber. Men Voldemort venter kun på at få fat på The Philospher’s Stone, så han kan få evigt liv.


Have you ever been in a forest or in a lonely place around midnight? Would you like to – give reasons.



Work in pairs. Choose a word from the list in chapter 16. Describe the word without mentioning it Your work mate will then guess the English word. Repeat until – say – 20 minutes.


When do English schoolchildren go on holiday?

What is the weather like when they sit for their exams?

Would you like to change the dates for the Danish summer holidays? Why (not)?

What would be an equivalent to the Anti-Cheating spell in a Muggle school?

J.K.Rowling keeps making the reader interested in what is coming next. How does she do it this time?

What happened when Hagrid visited Hog’s Head the night he got the dragon egg?

What is the secret to pacify Fluffy?

Why is the situation critical right now?

What is Harry’s plan?

What is the first hindrance?

What do they discover when they reach Fluffy?

Describe the Devil’s Snare, the Winged keys, the chessboard and the puzzle and how they manage to get past them.

What moral advice does Hermione give to Harry (and the reader) before leaving? Do you agree? Why?

Translation / Summary:

Det er eksamenstid og vejret er alt for godt til at side indendørs. Men endelig er det slut og Harry, Ron og Hermione skal til at nyde en uges ferie inden eksamensresultaterne kommer. Men Harry opdager pludselig at der var en ting han havde overset: Hagrids møde med en fremmed i Hog’s Head! Og ganske rigtigt: Hagrid var kommet til at afsløre hvordan man pacificerer Fluffy . Dumbledore er – tilfældigvis – blevet kaldt til the Ministry of Magic, så Harry ved at det er nu Stenen vil blive stjålet. De tre tager Usynlighedskappen på og de begynder turen til Fluffy og Stenen.


Take a look at the map in the beginning of the book. Describe the different spots shown there.



Work in pairs. Choose a word from the list in chapter 17. Describe the word without mentioning it Your work mate will then guess the English word. Repeat until – say – 20 minutes


Who did Harry expect to find in the last chamber?

How does Quirrell appear now?

How much does he reveal to Harry?

What is Quirrell’s idea of good and evil?

How does Harry try to cheat Quirrell in front of the mirror of Erised?

How does Harry manage to escape Quirrell?

How do you feel about living forever? What would be nice and what would be not so nice about it?

Fear of names increases fear of the thing itself. True or false?

Fantasy or fairy tale: they both have happy endings in common. How does this book end?

Translation / Summary:

Da Harry går gennem den sidste dør får han ikke øje på Snape men Quirrell. Harry (og læseren) får nu opklaret hvem der ville dræbe Harry og hvorfor. Dumbledore har fortryllet spejlet så kun den der vil finde Stenen, men ikke bruge den, kan få fat på den. Og Quirrells ønske om magt ødelægger hans drøm om at få fat på Stenen. Voldemort får ikke held til evigt liv denne gang – men der er jo også seks bøger mere til at prøve det i.


Interview Potter (one in class) on his stay at the Dursleys during the summer holidays.

Choose a scene from the film and compare this scene to the scene in the book. What has been changed, and what is the effect?


A quiz:


QUIZZES  (good)  (IQ-TEST/OrdinaryWizarding Levels) (???) – does not really work, or was it just my computer? (which Hogwarts house do you belong in) – (not the real sorting like on )




Playing Quidditch:

Fans saying thank you:

Join the club:






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