Vokabelheft für J.K.Rowling Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (3) 978-87-87764-42-1

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Ein Werk in der Originalsprache zu lesen ist für viele Menschen eine groβe Freude. Bei allem Respekt vor dem verdienstvollen Einsatz der Übersetzer, ist es unvermeidlich, dass einige Nuancen verloren gehen.

Viele Menschen haben den Wunsch, Harry Potter in der englischen Version zu lesen, schrecken aber vor der beschwerlichen Arbeit mit dem Wörterbuch zurück.

Wir hoffen sehr, dass wir mit diesem Vokabelheft dazu beitragen können, dass viele Deutschsprachige das Buch in der Originalversion lesen werden. Es gibt für fast jede Seite eine groβe Menge Vokabeln, so dass jeder, der über einen fundamentalen englischen Wortschatz verfügt, mit dem Lesen anfangen kann.

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The following exercises are meant as a help to the teacher. I am aware that the book can be read at different levels and at different levels in each class, so pick out whatever seems relevant for you and your class and your methods of teaching. Enjoy!
With the help of the glossary tell as much as possible of what we have been told about Harry Potter and his life as a wizard at Hogwarts in the previous books.
Questions to the text:
Tell the story that Harry writes about wizards in medieval times seen from the point of view of a wizard.
Sum up what happens on Harry’s birthday.
After task:
Find out what really happened to witches in medieval times in Denmark.
Act out the telephone call between Ron and Mr. Dursley.
Write a letter to a friend from your one of your holidays
Translation /Summary:
Det er Harrys fødselsdag og for første gang i sit liv får han gaver fra sine venner på selve dagen. Ron sender sin ugle Errol fra Ægypten, hvor han er på ferie og Hermione sender sin gave fra Frankrig – hun bruger Harrys ugle Hedwig, som åbenbart mente hun skulle sende ham en gave og fløj ned og besøgte hende.
Pronounce all the words in [ ] brackets in the glossary.
Comment on the author’s choice of names for characters she likes and characters she does not like.
Questions to the text:
Characterise Aunt Petunia and Aunt Marge.
How does Harry manage to threaten or ‘black-mail’ Uncle Vernon?
Describe Aunt Marge’s bad manners.
Why do you think it is a good ending of chapter 2?
After task:
Discuss your use of social media, tablets etc. during a day.
Act out Aunt Marge’s final dinner.
Translation / Summary
Aunt Marge skal besøge familien Dursley i en hel uge og hun har for vane at kritisere Harry og idealisere Dudley. Alt går dog fint indtil den sidste aften, hvor hun, ret fuld, begynder at kritisere Harrys forældre. Harre bruger magi og Aunt Marge svæver som en kæmpe ballon under loftet – og han pakker derfor sine ting i den store kuffert og forsvinder ud i Mugglernes verden.
Pronounce and explain the words with pronunciation.
‘You outta your tree?’ What picture do you get with this way of speech?
Comment on the way Stan Shunpike speaks – what is characteristic of his pronunciation?
What does ‘shunpike’ mean?
What does ‘infamous’ mean?

Questions to the text:
What are the problems for Harry, alone in the Muggle world?
What could he do to get away – and why does he not choose that solution?
Describe the Knight Bus.
What happens when the Knight Bus arrives at Diagon Alley?
Why does Harry not get expelled this time for using magic?
What may be the real reason?
After task:
Draw a picture of the Knight Bus – inside and outside.
Draw a poster “WANTED” with the picture of Sirius Black.
Translation /Summary:
Harry tror han ser en hund i mørket og han overvejer hvad han kan gøre alene i en Muggle verden uden penge, med en tung kuffert og det eneste våben han har er at kunne bruge magi. Pludselig dukker en bus op som kører ham til Diagon Alley. Han får lov til at sove i The Leaky Cauldron og er nu fri for at opholde sig hos familien Dursley i Privet Drive.
Pronounce all the words in brackets [ ] in the glossary.
Write 3 sentences with the words ‘get used to’.
What is a diner? Describe it – maybe from some films where you have seen it?
What is the difference between isolate and insulate?
What is the difference between the two pronunciations of row?
What might compare to selfspelling wands today 2019?
Questions to the text:
Describe Harry’s new life in Diagon Alley.
How do the three friends spend their last day of their holidays together in Diagon Alley?
What has obviously changed in Ron’s family’ life?
What are Mr. and Mrs. Weasley discussing on the last day before going to King’s Cross station?
How does harry react to his new knowledge about Black?
What is your favorite pet? If you do not have a pet, which animal would you like?
Translation / Summary:
Harry nyder sit nye liv alene væk fra familien Dursley. Han laver sine lektier, spiser godt og går på indkøb i Diagon Alley, hvor han også ser den nye Firebolt. Han møder Ron og Hermione og de tre venner har en dejlig dag sammen inden afrejsen til Hogwarts næste dag. Eneste minus er fra Azkaban og planlægger at hævne sig på Harry?

Pronounce all the words in brackets.
What is the noun for: EXAMPLE: accuse – accusation; giggle; spit; stroll; imitate; stride; whistle; argue; snap; glance,pocket – and moon ?
Questions to the text:
What is unusual in the way Harry get to King’s Cross Station this time?
How does J.K.Rowling create suspense in this chapter?
A thing beneath a hood opens the door to Harry’s compartment. What happens to Harry?
What was the Dementor looking for?
What effect did the Dementor have on Harry’s friends?
Why do the Dementors stand at the entrance to Hogwarts?
How does Dumbledore characterize a Dementor?
After task:
Describe their arrival at Hogwarts seen through the eyes of a Dementor.
Translation / Summary:
I toget mod Hogwarts fortæller Harry om Blacck og

Make a sentence or dialogue with the words: What’s it to you?
Comment on the choice of names in this chapter. Why do you think J.K.Rowling has given them such names?
‘There’s – got – to – be – short – cut’: What do the hyphens indicate? Read it aloud.
If it were not for the fact that…. – why ‘were’ and not ‘was’?
Questions to the text:
How many subjects do you have on a normal day in school?
How many subjects does Hermione have? Why? How does she manage?
Do you think it is a good idea to have plans for specially gifted children in school? Discuss.
What is a quest?
Why does the knight from a picture helps the three friends find their way?
Describe the classroom for Divination and compare it to your own classroom.
Describe Professor Trelawney’s looks.
Why does she not come down to the Great Hall so often?
From what she tells Neville and lavender, do you think she is a good teacher?
Describe Hagrid’s first lesson of Care of Magical Creatures.
After task:
Discuss what characterizes a good friend.
Translation / Summary:
Det er første skoledag og vores tre venner skal have 2 timer med Spåen og Pasning af magiske dyr. I Spåen får Neville at vide at hans bedstemor ikke har det så godt og Harry får at vide at han har en dødsensfarlig fjende og at han snart skal dø. I Hagrids time med Pasning af magiske dyr bliver Malfoy angrebet af en Hippogriff – og Hagrids første lektion som skolelærer ender dårligt. Måske bliver han fyret?
Do you know another fantasy novel with the word Wardrobe in its title?
Describe a boggart and a poltergeist.
Do you have double lessons? Do you like it? Give reasons.
What is the opposite of being bad-tempered?
Can you sneer, turn on your heel, look disappointed or scream like a banshee?
Questions to the text:
List all the times that Professor Snape is being unfair to Gryffindor.
Characterize Professor Lupin.
Describe Professor Lupin’s experiment with the Boggart.
After task:
Discuss in pairs what you are most frightened of and help each other find out what can be done about your fright.
Translation / Summary:
Malfoy udnytter at han er blevet såret i Hagrids time – blot for at få Hagrid fyret. I timen er Professor Snape meget uretfærdig og behandler også Neville dårligt. I Professor Lupins time skal de lære at afvise en Boggart med en Riddiculous trylleformular. Det bliver en god og sjov time – selv for Neville.

Make a sentence with each of the following words: be bound to, look after, look daggers, change one’s mind, brandish, drop one’s voice, vanish.
Questions to the text:
Why does Oliver Wood particularly want to win the cup this year?
What happens between Crookshanks and Scabbers? Ow does that influence the relationship between Ron and Hermione?
Why does Professor McGonagall not want to let Potter come to Hogsmeade?
Where does Harry spend the day, then?
After task:
Do you own a pet? Describe what you like best about your pet.
Have you tried to be excluded from something which everybody else was going to? What happened?
Translation / Summary:
Skolen fortsætter, Professor Lupins timer er ligeså spændende som den første time med Boggarts, Professor Trelawneys timer er ikke noget for Harry og hans venner, og Hagrids timer med pleje af magiske dyr handler nu om Flobberworms. Til gengæld begynder Quidditch sæsonen, og Harrys hold er meget opsat på at vinde pokalen. Det er tid til at tænke på at besøge Hogsmead, men Harry har ikke fået sin tilladelse underskrevet og Professor McGonagall vil ikke hjælpe ham. Harry tilbringer derfor dagen alene på Hogwarts og opdager at Professor Snape giver Professor Lupin en drik. Og sidst men ikke mindst forsvinder den fede dame fra sit billede, da hun ikke vil lukke Sirius Black ind uden kodeord.

What is the difference between Ꞌconduct and conꞋduct, of course and off course?
What is the sign for “time out”? – Do you know other signs?
Questions to the text:
Why does Dumbledore send the students to the Great Hall?
Who is the new person to guard the entrance to Gryffindor Tower? (Watch your pronunciation!). Why was he picked and why do the students not like him?
Why do they have to play against Hufflepuff instead of Slytherin? Why does it worry them?
What is a werewolf in the Muggle world?
What is the weather like?
Be the journalist that has to tell his or her radio listeners about the match.
How does the match end?
A know-it-all or a “12-tals pige”: what do you think about such terms?
Translation / Summary:
Det er et forfærdeligt vejr og Harry kan næsten intet se. Hermione har fundet en trylleformular og derefter er Harrys briller vandskyende. Det hjælper dog ikke, da mere end hundrede Dementors str nede på banen og han hører sin mors stemme før hun dør. Han falder ned, Gryffindor taber og Harrys kosteskaft er ødelagt.

Comment on the names in this chapter (see the glossary)
Pronounce [‘minute] / [mi’nute] and explain the meanings of the two words.

Questions to the text:
What is the Grim?
Describe Professor Lupin’s explanation of what the Dementors’ effect on Muggles is.
Why does Ron and Hermione want to stay at Hogwarts during Christmas?
How does Harry manage to use the map?
Describe Hogsmeade.
How does the day pass for Harry in Hogsmeade?
How doe they avoid being seen by the teachers?
What is a Secret-Keeper?
What is a Fidelius Charm?
Who was Pettigrew?
Why do Ron and Hermione stare at Harry without words at the end of the chapter?
Draw a map of Hogsmeade
Translation / Summary:
Harry får mange besøg mens han er indlagt i weekenden men er i trist humør efter kampen mod Hufflepuff. Professor Lupin prøver at hjælpe Harry med at forstå hvorfor han rammes så hårdt af mødet med the Dementors og forklarer hvilken virkning de har på folk. Han lover ham også anti-Dementor undervisning. Fred og George forærer Harry et specielt kort, som bl.a. viser nogle hemmelige veje til Hogsmeade. Det er derfor han kan deltage i skolens sidste tur til Hogsmeade og han møder Hermione og Ron og får en dejlig udflugt – lige indtil nogle af skolens lærere kommer til at sidde tæt på dem i the Three Broomsticks. Lærerne sludrer og kommer bl.a. til at tale om Sirius Black. Denne var dobbelt agent og lod som om han var James Potters bedste ven samtidig med at han var tilhænger af Voldemort,
Pronounce [‘convict] and [con’vict]. Explain the difference in meaning.
Have you got a bike? What brand is it? Why did you choose it?
Questions to the text:
Why is Harry so full of hatred in the beginning of the chapter?
What are his plans?
They go to see Hagrid to talk about Black – how is he?
Describe the Christmas gifts the three friends get?
What seems to be the problem with Harry getting a Firebolt?
Do you remember what Harry’s Sneakoscope was meant to do?
What happens to Harry’s Firebolt at the end of the chapter?
After- task:
If you are into sports try to describe what is the best brand you can get in clothes, balls, or any item that you need to use.
Translation / Summary:
Harry prøver at finde en måde at fange Sirius Black på. Ron og Hermione prøver at forhindre ham i det. I stedet besøger de Hagrid som har fået et brev om at møde i retten, da der er klaget over hans Hippogriff. Det bliver jul og den 25. december om morgenen får de deres gaver. Harry får en Firebolt, som måske er blevet forhekset fordi ingen ved hvem afsenderen er.
Imagine a happy memory of your own.
Questions to the text:
What is Professor Lupin going to teach Harry?
What is a Patronus?
How good is Harry at conjuring up his Patronus?
How important is it to be able to do a Patronus Charm for Harry?
Which are Harry’s good memories?
What is under a Dementor’s hood and what is a Dementor’s Kiss?
How long does it take before Harry gets his Firebolt back?
What has happened to Ron’s rat, Scabbers?
What do you think about Hermione telling Professor McGonagall about Harry’s new Firebolt?
Alle er kede af at Hermione fortalte Professor McGonagall om Harrys nye Firebolt. Heldigvis får han den tilbage lige før kampen mod Ravenclaw. I mellemtiden underviser Professor Lupin Harry i at fremtrylle en Patronus, en anti-Dementor trylleformular der kræver meget koncentration. Harry spekulerer på hvad der er under en Dementors hætte – og hvad en Dementors kys er?
Pronounce the word “tear” in two ways and give the two meanings.
Try to stalk the way Malfoy does.
Which House do you belong in? – if you don’t know you may take the sorting at Pottermore.com
Questions to the text:
What is the atmosphere between the three friends at the beginning of the chapter?
Why is this match so important?
Talking about “superbly smooth action”, ”phenomenal acceleration” and “pinpoint turning”: what might they have talked about if not a broom?
What makes this match exciting?
Why was Harry so good with his Expecto patronum?
How is the party going?
Describe Professor McGonagall in her nightdress.
Describe what happens in the middle of the night.
Why did Neville have a list of all the week’s passwords?
Have you ever fallen out with your friends? Why?
Translation / Summary:
En spændende kamp mellem Gryffindor og Ravenclaw skal spilles – og Harry skal bruge sin Firebolt for første gang. Gryffindor vinder på trods af at Malfoy og hans to venner har klædt sig ud som Dementors. Gryffindor holder fest til kl 1 – men midt om natten bliver Ron vækket af at Sirius Black stod over ham med en kniv. Black havde fået fat på Nevilles liste over ugens passwords.
Make a sentence with the phrase: “have a grudge against somebody”
Pronounce the word “severely”
Questions to the text:
Why are Harry and Ron invited to visit Hagrid?
What do you think of Hermione threatening to tell about the map?
How would you characterize J.K.Rowling writing about Scops owls – for local deliveries only?
What do Ron and Harry visit in Hogsmeade this time?
What happens at the Shrieking Shack?
What happens when Harry gets back to Hogwarts?
Do you think Harry should have visited Hogsmeade with Ron? Discuss.
Try to strut. Do you think Harry likes to strut?
Why does Hermione want to talk to Hrry and Ron at the end of the chapter?
Roleplay: Act out the final scene in the Professor Snape’s office.
Translation / Summary:
Alle er meget optaget af nattens begivenheder, men alligevel får Ron overtalt Harry til at gå med til Hogsmeade. Her møder de Malfoy og hans to venner og Malfoy opdager Harry. Tilbage på Hogwarts møder Harry Professor Snape som tager ham med op på sit kontor for at finde ud af hvad der skete ved the Shrieking Shack. Harry bliver reddet af Professor Lupin, som skælder ud på en måde der er meget værre end hvis Snape havde gjort det.

Change the following words into another class, e.g. smudge (verb)/smudge (noun):

frighten (verb)/ (noun) ,
pat (verb)/ (noun) ,
appeal (noun)/ (verb) ,
bury (verb)/ (noun) Watch out! ,
burden (noun)/ (verb),
capture (verb)/ (noun) ,
challenge (noun)/ (verb) ,
search (noun)/ (verb),
crunch (noun)/ (verb)
revenge (noun)/ (verb)

Questions to the text:
A new task is ready for the three friends. What happened to Hagrid in London?
What is your attitude to astrology, palmistry, crystal gazing etc.?
Explain the problem about winning this year’s Cup.
What reasons do Harry have that inspire him to beat Slytherin?
Why is it not an omen of Harry’s death when he sees a big dog in the grounds?
Why do the two teams get penalties?
What is the score when Harry finally tries to get the Snitch? Why is the match so exciting?
Why does Harry feel he could have produces the world’s best Patronus at the end of chapter 15?
How do you spend Easter?
Translation / Summary:
Hagrid taber sagen om Buckbeak, Hermione opgiver sine timer i læren om at spå, de tre bliver venner igen – og eksamen nærmer sig. Til gengæld kan hele skolen glæde sig til den afsluttende Quidditch kamp mellem Slytherin og Gryffindor. Det bliver en spændende kamp – og gæt hvem der vinder!
Work in pairs. Choose a word from the list in chapter 16. Describe the word without mentioning it Your work mate will then guess the English word. Repeat until – say – 20 minutes.
Questions to the text:
What is unusual for Buckbeak’s appeal ?
At the Defense Against the Dark Arts exam Hermione meets her Boggart – what was it?
What happened after Harry’s exam in Divination?
Ron thinks that Hermione has changed -what do you think has happened to her?
Why do you think it is worse for the three friends to see Hagrid helpless instead of crying?
Describe all the odd things that happen in Hagrid’s hut.
Do you like exams? Give reasons.
Translation / Summary:
Kapitel 16 handler mest om hvordan de forskellige eksaminer går. I den sidste eksamen spår Professor Trelawney at the Dark Lord vil vise sig om aftenen inden midnat – men bagefter nægter hun at tro at hun skulle have sagt sådan noget. Om aftenen bliver Hagrids Buckbeat halshugget efter en uretfærdig appel.
Twigs clenched like knuckles…, What do we call a construction like this?
Questions to the text:
Characterize the three animals in this chapter?
What happens to Ron? – and Scabbers?
Where does Crookshanks lead them?
What is an Animagus?
What is a werewolf?
Who is/was Peter Pettigrew?

Act out as much of the dialogue between Sirius, Lupin, Harry, Ron and Hermione
Translation / Summary:
Da de tre venner er på vej væk fra Hagrids hytte er det svært for Ron at holde Scabbers stille, og Crookshanks prøver at fange ham. Ovenikøbet kommer den sorte hund og bortfører Ron. Harry og Hermione følger efter, og de ender under the Womping Willow i the Shrieking Shack. En voldsom kamp finder sted, men til sidst indser Harry at både Sirius og Lupin er på hans side mod Voldemort. Scabbers viser sig også at være en Animagus – for Peter Pettigrew.

Work in pairs. Choose a word from the list in chapter 16. Describe the word without mentioning it Your work mate will then guess the English word. Repeat until – say – 20 minutes.
Give the opposite of the following words legal
Is “cowardly” an adjective or an adverb in “I was too cowardly”? Explain.
Write the words without contractions: I’d led others; What’s Snape got to do with it; if he’d got as far as this house….;
Questions to the text:
Give the correct names for the persons mentioned in the headline.
Why does Hermione not believe Professor Lupin’s story about Peter Pettigrew being an Animagus?
Tell in your own words Professor Lupin’s story of being a werewolf.
Why did his friends become Animagi?
What animals were they?
Do you remember some of the times that Hermione has turned out to be the one with the most common sense or best student of the three friends? Give examples.
Professor Lupin fortæller om sin barndom og om hvordan Professor Dumbledore lader ham komme ind på Hogwarts trods det at han er en varulv. Hans bedste venner bliver Sirius Black og James Potter, som for at hjælpe ham ved fuldmåne lader sig transformere til Animagi så de også kan være sammen ved fuldmåne. En gang narrer Sirius Black deres skolekammerat Severus Snape til at følge efter ham ind under the Womping Willow – hvor han ville være blevet bidt af varulven. Derfor hader Professor Snape Lupin, fordi han troede at han var bekendt med spøgen.

Chapter 19
Tell the difference in meaning between [‘insult] and [in’sult]
Questions to the text:
Why does Snape not like Sirius Black? Can you understand him?
Imagine you are Harry – who should you believe: Snape or Black? Give reasons for your doubts.
What will happen once they leave the Shack if black decides or if Snape decides?
What made Black want to escape from Azkaban?
How long has Scabbers been in Ron’s family? Why is that important in finding out about Peter Pettigrew?
Describe how Peter Pettigrew alias Scabbers fooled everybody.
Why is Black not to blame for Harry’s parents’ deaths?
How can Peter Pettigrew be a double-crosser who double-crossed Voldemort’s old supporters?
Why does Lupin believe Black?
What is the picture Black draws of Pettigrew?
How did Black escape from Azkaban?
Why is Pettigrew not killed by Black and Lupin?
Do you think it was the right decision? Discuss
Tell a story – any story – with (some of) these words:
urgent, snake, school, revenge, slam, caption, appearance, index, skull, courteous, kick, deny, figure, faint.

I dette kapitel får vi afsløret hvad der virkelig skete da James og Lily Potter blev dræbt, hvem der var deres Secret-Keeper, hvor fej Pettigrew er og hvorfor han ikke har dræbt Harry selv om de sov i samme sovesal.
Chapter 20
Try to say: he “pocketed it”, explain the difference between “the Dementors’ kiss” and “the Dementor’s kiss”
Questions to the text:
Everything seems to be under control – but what happens all of a sudden when the full moon appears?
Describe a Dementor.
What happens at the end of the chapter?
After- task
According to Stephen King there are three types of terror. Where does chapter 20 belong, and find scenes from the whole book to put into these three categories:
“The 3 types of terror: The Gross-out: the sight of a severed head tumbling down a flight of stairs, it’s when the lights go out and something green and slimy splatters against your arm.
The Horror: the unnatural, spiders the size of bears, the dead waking up and walking around, it’s when the lights go out and something with claws grabs you by the arm.
And the last and worse one: Terror, when you come home and notice everything you own had been taken away and replaced by an exact substitute. It’s when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there…” https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/84666-the-3-types-of-terror-the-gross-out-the-sight-of
På vej tilbage til slottet får Harry sin største gave nogensinde: Sirius, som er Harrys gudfar, tilbyder ham at han kan bo hos ham i stedet for hos familien Dursley. Han har ikke følt sig så glad nogensinde, men pludselig kommer fuldmånen frem bag skyerne – og Lupin har ikke fået sin medicin! Harry kæmper til sidst mod en masse Dementors, og ved slutningen af kapitlet kommer et mærkeligt dyr til syne. En sand cliff-hanger slutning.
Chapter 21
Pronounce: lead,
Questions to the text:
Who is talking in the beginning of the chapter?
What is Snape’s version of the event?
What does Madam Pomfrey tell Harry?
How do you feel when Dumbledore enters? Give reasons.
Why can’t Professor Lupin help save Sirius Black?
Why can’t Harry and Hermione help save Sirius?
What is Hermione’s secret?
What is the change of event that can save Sirius Black?
What is making Harry and Hermione wonder is who conjured the Patronus that saved them. Who does Harry think it was?
What is Harry looking forward to seeing outside Hagrid’s hut?
What does he actually see – and how does he react?
When is the right moment to get to Sirius?
After- task:
Do you believe in supernatural things – or have you heard of somebody who have experienced such things as near-death?
Dumbledore kan ikke redde Sirius Black, men siger at hvad de har brug for er mere tid. Han forklarer hvor Sirius venter på at få sit kys af the Dementors og at de kan redde mere end ét uskyldigt liv. Harry forstår ingenting, men Hermione har lært at bruge en Time-Turner og nu er de gået 3 timer tilbage i tid, de kan redde Buckbeak og Sirius. Men det kræver at de ikke bliver set – og der er kun 60 sekunder til at befri Buckbeak uden at nogen opdager det.
Chapter 22
What does to swallow mean as a noun: a swallow?
Look in the glossary and find all the words in bracket where the w is silent, for instance “wry”.
“I’m looking forward to informing the Daily Prophet that we’ve got him.” Why the ing-form?
Pronounce [‘minute] and [mi’nute] and give the two meanings.
Questions to the text:
Everybody is happy – except Professor Lupin. Why?
Consider all the things Dumbledore tells Harry. Do you find it true or helpful?
Recount the content of Sirius’ letter.
How does Harry manage to let his Uncle Vernon be nice to him during the summer holidays?
After- task:
Why do you like to read Fantasy?
Make a list of things that you would like to change if you could.
I det sidste kapitel bliver alt selvfølgelig godt igen: Harry og Hermione når tilbage til deres senge i hospitalsafdelingen, Hagrid er glad fordi han tror Buckbeak har haft held til at flygte, Sirius er reddet, Gryffindor vandt Quidditch turneringen og det er snart sommerferie. Men Professor Lupin har sagt sin stilling op – dels fordi Professor Snape har forrådt ham, dels fordi forældrene ville tage deres børn ud af skolen hvis han blev. Til gengæld får Harry et godt brev fra Sirius Black – og Ron lover at skaffe Harry en billet til sommrens Quidditch World Cup, væk fra familien Dursley

https://www.buzzfeed.com/eleanorbate/accurate-af-sorting-quiz?utm_term=.er5ZdjxmY4#.yf1KmkB6zA (which Hogwarts house do you belong in) – (not the real sorting like on www.pottermore.com )
Playing Quidditch: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quidditch_(sport)
Fans saying thank you: https://harrypotter.bloomsbury.com/uk/20-best-harry-potter-moments/
Join the club: https://www.pottermore.com/
Bullying: https://www.pottermore.com/features/how-harry-potter-and-the-philosophers-stone-tackled-bullying

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